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Due to the present situation of COVID-19, the format of presentation for CSST2021 will be mainly on-site communication combined with on-line presentation (by VCR) from the overseas speakers who are not possible for international travel in the period of CSST2021. More details about presentation is as follows:


Plenary Speaker 40 minutes (inluding 5 minutes for discussion)

Keynote Speaker 20 minutes (inluding 5 minutes for discussion)


AVI or MP4

Aspect Ratio



Please send a file with your photo to


1. The official conference language is English and Chinese.

2. It is mandatory to add the audio of your talk within your PowerPoint presentation or video file.

3. Before you submit your files, please kindly check your recorded audio narration, playback the PowerPoint presentation slide show or video file to verify audio recorded successfully.

4. Videos and animations are supported but will be automatically started with the slide.

5. Please do not use any passwords or encryption for your presentation.

6. Please note that macros should not be used and flash-animations are not supported.