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Keynote Presentation from Abroad(online)

1. Geoffrey Brooks, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

TitleThe Future of Oxygen Steelmaking in a Carbon Restrained World

2. Anrin Bhattacharyya, RECYRON Engineering & Consulting Co., Austria

TitleWaste to Cash: Disruptive Technologies for Solid Waste Recycling in Steel Industry

3. Tadeu Carneiro, Boston Metal, USA

TitleDecarbonizing steel production: Molten Oxide Electrolysis as a viable, commercial solution

4. Jung-Wook Cho, POSTECH, Korea

TitleMixed Alkali Effect and its application to mold flux design

5. Hongbiao Dong, University of Leicester, UK

TitleTo be determined

6. Kasai Eiki, Tohoku University, Japan

TitleToward Zero-Carbon Ironmaking Technology

7. Maarten Geerdes, Geerdes Advies, The Netherlands

TitleThe Blast Furnace and net Zero, how far can we go?

8. In-ho Jung, Seoul National University, Korea

TitleFrom CALPHAD Thermodynamic database to Smart Factory

9. Youn-bae Kang, POSTECH, Korea

TitleA New Mechanism of Early Stage of Nozzle Clogging during Continuous Casting of Ti-added Ultra Low C Steel

10. Young-jok Kang, Dong-A University, Korea

TitleThermodynamic influences of metallic solutes in solid Fe on the formation of non-metallic precipitates

11. Sun-joong Kim, Chosun University, Korea

TitleTo be determined

12. Shin-ya Kitamura, Tohoku University, Japan

TitleTo be determined

13. Zushu Li, Warwick University, UK

TitleTo be determined

14. Hiroyuki Matsuura, The University of Tokyo, Japan

TitleStability of oxides in Fe-Mn-Al melt at steelmaking to casting temperature range

15. Hiroshi Nogami, Tohoku University, Japan

TitleTo be determined

16. Hideki Ono, University of Toyama, Japan

TitleFormation and Evolution of Inclusions in High Chromium Steel

17. Joohyun Park, Hanyang University, Korea

TitleGrain refinement of advanced high strength steels and stainless steels by controlling non-metallic inclusions during refining, casting and reheating processes

18. Martin Pei, SSAB AB, Sweden

TitleFossil Free Steelmaking with HYBRIT SSABs Transformation of Iron and Steelmaking Technology in Sweden and Finland

19. Noritaka Saito, Kyushu University, Japan

TitleCrystallization of Mold Flux characterized under AC Field

20. Johannes Schenk, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria

TitleDecarbonisation of steel production in Europe - Status of hydrogen-based ironmaking

21. Yansong Shen, University of New South Wales, Australia

Title: Process modelling of reacting flows and industry applications: Recent work of hydrogen injection processes in ironmaking blast furnaces

22. Hiroyuki Shibata, Tohoku University, Japan

TitleCalcium elution mechanism from silicate-based minerals into water

23. Il Sohn, Yonsei University, Korea

TitleTo be determined

24. Toshihiro Tanaka, Osaka Univerisity, Japan

TitleTo be determined

25. Shigeru Ueda, Tohoku University, Japan

TitleProperty control of burden for low carbon operation of the blast furnace

26. Bryan Webler, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

TitleAdvances in Analysis of Non-Metallic Inclusion Populations

27. Hideyuki Yasuda, Kyoto University, Japan

TitleTime-resolved and in-situ observation of steel  solidification - transmission imaging (2D) and tomography (3D)

28. Hongbin Yin, ArcelorMittal Global R&D, USA

TitleTo be determined